Friday, October 2, 2015

Aug 28, 2015 Off i go cruising again. Am i lucky or what!

I flew into Copenhagen to rest and deal with the jetlag for a couple days pre cruise and then will  embark the Regal Princess. I'll tell you all about the ship tomorrow.
Copenhagen is situated on the island of Zealand, dates back to 1043 and is the oldest city in Scandinavia. One thousand years of history awaits in the medieval streets, the same streets walked upon by every generation of the worlds oldest royal family.

We found the hotel shuttle and rode to Bella Sky Medium Center Boulevard 5. The décor was much like walking into an IKEA, in the lobby as well as our actual room with triangular floor to ceiling windows, black furniture, lush white down quilts and pillows. The bathroom walls were clear glass with a white dotted pattern midway up, the hand soap was white and round and everything very plain, straight, neat and cold feeling. Not a sound was heard and we thought we were the only guests until we went for the smorgasbord breakfast and saw a lot of people there already dining on fried fish or pickled herring, cheeses, cold meats, salads and veggies as well as the typical bacon and eggs, toast, pancakes etc. I drank a juice of dark fruits and ginger and ate a very good homemade strawberry yogurt and an apple of which the variety was unknown but it was crisp and delicious. There were cakes and cookies and nut and seed breads and several delicious melons and the watermelon was the best i'd eaten in many years. The coffee was great also and served with brown sugar. The staff there were all friendly and they spoke English very well. Outside in a garden near the entrance I noticed fig, cherry and crab apple trees growing and nearby were several bicycles that could be used by hotel guests. Also nearby I saw several modes of transportation including a skytrain very similar to Vancouvers as well as regular rail trains, lots of buses, cabs and of course cars which all appeared to be newish and in good shape. The city of Copenhagen is a mix of old and new with some areas very colourful while other areas were old and grey with narrow streets but lots of nice parks and interesting statues everywhere. The architecture of Copenhagen is very beautiful and I hope to see more when my ship returns after a week for the day.
Bella Sky Hotel

 It was such a cool hotel
 very glassy
 the local paper. I would have loved listening to someone read it but they all spoke english
 I liked this good luck frog
 guest bikes
 out front they grew fruit and I heard that they kept bee hives on the hotel roof
 needed 2 days in here to get the strength one needs for cruising


Linda G. said...

So, you are off on a cruise again. Lucky you! Stay well this time, my friend!

Lorraina said...

I'm home and I survived without becoming ill again, thank goodness! It was an awesome trip on a fabulous ship. Thanks for the well wishes Linda.