Saturday, October 31, 2015

Sept 28, going home

Well, the first leg from New York to Toronto went well and time passed very quickly. The time spent in the airport wasn't bad either, we shopped jewelry and had a nice big breakfast and then it was time to take off for the last time.
Now i'm looking down at some amazing Canada and can't figure out where it is or even what Province it is that i'm flying over. It appears flat which makes me think it's Saskatchewan and there's tons of lakes, big ones and all sizes and straight roads for long distances....but it could be Manitoba as it seems too soon to be seeing Saskatchewan already. Some of the lakes look to be frozen while others are merely rimmed with the white stuff. Already? I think we're quite a bit more north than i thought but there's big squares and rectangles of land with lots of huge square, round and rectangular water reservoirs and there's sparkling cities and towns sprinkled here and there and everywhere. Canada is awesome!

Maybe we're over Alberta now, wish there was a way to know but this plane doesn't show a map. Ok, as it's now an hour and a halfs time until we get to Vancouver and i see we're now over the foothills and approaching the Canadian Rockies. I think in a little while we'll be over them and then i'll get my bearings.
Well, as it turned out we approached the lower mainland via a different more north/westerly direction than usual.  We were almost over Vancouver before i recognised the terrain. It looked so beautiful sparkling there in the sunshine with all the ships out in the bay and it was a welcome sight after being gone for almost a month.
It's been an awesome trip but now it's good to be home!

Thanks for reading about my trip and if you ever get the chance do take a cruise on the Regal Princess that ends in New York. It doesn't get any better than that!  Life is short; take the recommendation.

                                                   I didn't know rivers were so curly
                                                           I wonder where this is

                                                          Starting to look familiar?
                                             idea where this is
                                                 Ok I got this one! Port Mann bridge

                                                             Green Timbers, Surrey?
                                        Pattullo Bridge and Skytrain Bridge over the Fraser

                                                       Central Park, Burnaby, B.C.

Home safe..........what a fabulous trip! Thanks for sticking around.....

until I cruise again....

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Linda G. said...

Fabulous trip indeed! Yes, that was a fabulous trip! Thanks for taking me along, vicariously.

P..S. I don't know if I have ever asked you have a Facebook account? If so, please email me your Facebook name. Mthanks!