Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sept. 14 At sea

At sea Cruise Critic Meet and Greet 9a.m. - 11a.m. Princess Live

Well, i walked into the meet and greet late again; just as their session was over. What's happening to me; at home I am never late for anything! There were lots of people there so it was very successful. I checked in with my real name but saw that everyone had their Cruise Critic user name on their nametags; like "Cruising Chick" "Love to cruise" etc. It was a surprise to me as i'd thought that name was just to be used to be anonymous online. When i joined i wasn't expecting to need a username and so had hastily chosen some weird name thinking no one would would ever know it was moi! Now, for meeting people in person I don't want people to think of me as my silly name, i'd rather use my real name so I didn't even look for my C.C. nametag as it was too late for that now anyway.
I was late arriving again because i was so tired and had slept in again and then had to rush off to see the immigration people who demanded all passengers passports as we are now heading into the U.K. Our passports will be returned to us when we leave the U.K.
I then noticed people seated and more people arriving to the Princess Live studio so i asked what was coming up and it was to be a televised chocolate desert demo by the ships desert chefs so i found a seat. The chefs made a lot of truffles and mousse and chocolate on a stick, heart shaped treats and even alcoholic drinks with Gran Marnier and Frangelico and other liquors and they were all appealing. They ended by making a chocolate fountain and everyone could take treats and coat them with more melted chocolate.....mmm, you can't go wrong with chocolate. When that was over i stuck around for the next seminar which was a basic digital photography class and i was worried about my pic card becoming full and didn't know how to find out how many pics i had left. I also needed to know how to shut down the automatic flash as sometimes it's not needed but it still pops up. I was happy to find out i had no need to worry as i had space for over 6000 more pictures! Good grief, that's hard to believe possible in that tiny little card! But the flash thing has to be dealt with at the time of need and is too much fiddling for me to turn it off and on...i don't have the patience so will leave it as is and just be spontaneous.
By then lunchtime was long over so i left there and went to the gelato store to see if they had their apple gelato yet and they didn't so i took some butter pecan; i know, i'm way too easy.
We are making our way over the North sea today and have entered the Firth of Clyde and the local pilot will board abeam of Little Cumbrae Island to assist us in safely navigating the ship to her berth in Greenock, Scotland.  Mountainous land has been visible at times, either side or both sides of the ship. I don't know if it's Europe or England or both but if it's England it's much larger than i had thought it was. Later we dressed up for another formal dinner and our table mates were two ladies from Vancouver, a couple of Australian guys and a very well travelled lady from L.A. During dinner we noticed that our ship wasn't moving and eventually the captain announced over the p.a. that we were dead in the water (well, he didn't actually use those words) We'd lost our thrusters but they were working on it and expected to have the problem fixed asap. Nobody panicked even though we all agreed that for such a thing to happen on a year old ship was rather odd. Several people at our table told of how they had experienced ship breakdowns on other cruises and we were all glad it wasn't the engines. By the time we retired for the night we were unsure of our bus tour excursion to Glasgow as it's early with a 7:45a.m. meeting time in the theatre and an 8:15a.m. departure. We don't want to get up that early and then find out we're still sitting in the sea in the morning but there's no way to know.

                                          Just a tile floor I admired somewhere on the ship
 I'd wear the one just to the left of centre, or the bottom right, or the round one, or the bracelet, the earrings or the necklace, lol.

Did you know? Princess Cruises came from the name of the first vessel first chartered from Canada in 1965 - the Princess Patricia owned by the Canadian Pacific Railway.


Linda G. said...

I hope that you were not stuck at sea for too long!

Lorraina said...

Nah, they always get things going again and passengers never know if the crew had to work on it all night or what.