Monday, October 5, 2015

Sept 2, Gothenburg, Sweden

Cross over the Alvsboegs Bridge and travel to the heart of Swedens second largest city.  The city of Gothenburg population is 543,000 and has old world charm that feels like a Dutch city. It was founded in 1621 and was heavily influenced by the Dutch who were contracted by King Gustavus to migrate here.
Masthuggs Church high on the hill was built in 1914. The tower is 203 ' tall. Continue past the large public square of Gotaplatsen and see Poseidon Fountain, the art museum and the Art Deco designed Gothenburg Concert Hall. Pass the exclusive boutiques, popular bars and restaurants to the Gustav Adolfo Square Plaza, city hall, courts and the cities main canal.On the way back pass the famous Feskekyrkan which is known as "the fish church" It's 140 yrs old and actually is a fish market. this where my grandparents were from? Good question but I don't know; they came from somewhere in Sweden. I tried to get a sense or feeling of them here in this beautiful city; did they look at this same view or a similar sky; were the streets laid out in the same way; were the people as friendly; did they leave Sweden via the same port that I arrived at and what was it that attracted them to leave their home and depart for a land unknown to them in the late 1800's to live in the Province of British Columbia in Canada? I suppose i'll never know. Mom didn't talk about her parents. I know only that her mother was quite a small delicate blond and her dad was a giant of a man who was a lumberjack and he worked hard for his family of two sons and five daughters and both of them died young....long before I was even born.
Mom could speak Swedish and Norwegian and she taught us kids to say "tucks a mikka" and "tucks skidda haw" for thank you and I can still count to twelve in Swedish but probably not in the way that a Swede would understand.
Our lady driver Lina and lady tour guide were both awesome in their jobs; the driver maneuvered the big BMW bus with ease even in tight difficult situations on a hill and the guide talked of the history of Sweden in an interesting way with her very funny sense of humor. The architecture of Sweden seemed to me to have a more delicate appearance than Norway although both were similar; Norways was sort of bulkier. Public transit in Gothenburg looked great and for a city of this size it must have developed over a long period of time. There's buses and a variety of types of trains and trams and the way it's designed is with it all in the center of the wide streets and cars use the outer lanes. Transit lanes always have an automatic green light at all intersections and cars are less important and have traditional signal lights to obey and pedestrians are not important at all as they have to be alert every moment watching for the various transit vehicles as well as cars.  Nobody here can walk around with their head down reading or texting.This would be a good thing to have in Vancouver if the streets were only wider to accommodate it all. There were also lots of bicyclists and their bikes all looked new and shiny and very modern. There were also a few Segway riders. It is a very healthy society. Not much graffiti in the downtown area but the few I spotted were were colourful and nicely done. People are very fashionable and wear very nice shoes and lots of women carried what looked like designer bags. Baby strollers were often pushed by the dad and looked like something straight out of IKEA even though I don't know if they even sell them. There's lots of apartment living in the downtown core and both husband and wife work as they do in most countries now. Their children go to daycare and school starting at age 18 months. The population of Gothenburg is 543,000

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and on a lighter note.........
did you know a total of 5 Princess ships were used in the filming of Love Boat?

Beautiful church

It held some very odd art and that's ok
I like odd art

Nordin was my moms maiden name. I wonder if it was originally spelled like the name of this business. She pronounced the i like ee

Looked like a group learning or practicing riding Segways

The canal was a very busy place

Dance class in progress
Guess i'll play a few hands of poker
This was my roomies desert or appy (i think) The waiter opened it to pour in some sauce.

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