Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sept 7 St. Petersburg, Russia second day

The pics here on this date are actually overflow from yesterday. We are still docked in St. Petersburg, however I didn't get off the ship so I split the pics onto the two days here.
Since i didn't go on another tour in St. Petersburg i had the whole day to wander the ship looking for decks and places i hadn't been to before. The highest deck one can take an elevator to is deck 17 and then you have to climb the stairs to the 18th and there was another small deck above that but i didn't go up there. Maybe i'll add those pics another time.
We went to the show in the Princess Theatre which tonight was a magic and illusion show by Michael Barron and he was very good. We had dinner in the Concerto dining room with an Australian couple and a couple from Houston, Texas. The food was delicious and the food and the conversation was grand. I especially liked hearing about both of the couples visits to Graceland in the past. I had heard that Elvis's home decorating taste was rather tacky but they both said it was beautiful and classic so that was nice to hear. Then i was too pooped to play in the casino or shop or listen to music so i retired to my cabin and in slumberland before 10p.m. Here's more pics from yesterday in St. Petersburg, Russia
This was a war museum by the street. There was all sorts of artillery cannons, guns and other war supplies there outside.

 Soldiers on their morning march

This might have been the Winter Palace 1754 - 1762

 Canals and waterways in the city

St. Isaacs Square

This is a scan of a postcard of  the Church of the Resurrection
(Church on the Spilled Blood) 1883 - 1907
                    My pic of the same church is not as colourful but it was very beautiful

 Church on the Spilled Blood 1883 - 1907

 Also known as Church of the resurrection
                                          so sorry but blogger adds the pics in any old order

 Kazan Cathedral 1801-1811

 Service call


Unknown said...

Beautiful pics! I would love to go to Russian one day...have really enjoyed reading your trip adventures. Did you buy anything at the duty free shop in Russia?

Lorraina said...

Thanks Corinne. I hope you do get to Russia one day. I bought just small souvenirs at the stores, postcards, chocolate and a Christmas tree decoration. Now I wish I would have bought one of those cute little dolls but nyet.

joan said...

So nice to see and read of your travels-- you do such a great job of it all--Pictures and writing.. I like the beauty and all the architecture of the Church of the Resurrection... I also noticed a couple of bridges with decorative sides on them...Nice

Lorraina said...

Thanks Joan, so glad you liked it!