Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sept 12, Kristiansand, Norway

We didn't have a tour excursion for today and it's just as well because it turned out windy and cold. It was laundry day for me so i showered and headed off before breakfast and it seemed like it was a million miles away with the possibility of it being a wasted trip if it was already in full use. It was empty so i proceeded to figure out the instructions. It was a test of smarts but eventually i got the hang of it. For $4.50 the machine spit out 2 large coins for the washer and dryer and a small coin for detergent. I had brought my own Tide pods from home so was able to use the small coin for a fabric dryer sheet. There's a laundromat on every deck and ours happened to be a long way away from our cabin so i took IPad with me to wait it out playing my game.  I was expecting my things to not get dry on the one coin but they did so i was glad of that as it was horribly cold in there. Did you know that ships are constructed of steel and each room or cabin is a separate unit that's slipped into place and installed as a one piece section? Of course the cabins have a thermostat but i don't think the laundromat did or if it did it was locked. The steel walls make it nice to use magnetic hangers or fridgies to hold cards, pics, tour tickets etc. anywhere in the cabins but those cold steel floors really get to me, especially when it has marble tiles laid over them.
I went for breakfast/brunch of soup and chicken,sweet potato, asparagus, zucchini and melons which was very tasty and then went to sit in the Piazza for awhile with cake and coffee and then soon it was dinnertime again....what a life! Later i went to a "Who sang What" trivia where i met my friends Pam and Vivian and played on their team. We got 30 points out of a possible 40 and one team got all 40 and won the coveted prize of a Princess lanyard, lol! I also admired the art on the walls of the Gallery as they change them quite often and then went shopping in the ships boutiques and bought a fleece hoodie as i was worried about the possibly cold excursions that i'd booked and were coming up in the next two weeks. While i did bring warm layerable clothes one can never have quite enough and a hoodie was specifically what i was lacking and needed for the winds that blow through the docks when going out to find your tour bus. I had a nice Mai Tai mocktail and relaxed some more visiting and people watching before turning in for the night.

 I think this is called the Great Belt Bridge

 It looks a lot like our Alex Fraser in Delta, B.C.

The very talented Princess violinists are from the Ukraine

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At first glance, I thought some of the pics looked like Alex Fraser bridge too!